Our Products
  • Re-refined Lubricating Base Stock

  • Re-Refined Hydraulic Oil

  • Re-Refined Transformer Oil

Century Refineries is dedicated to the production of virgin-like quality lube base oils, from used lube oil. Our facility in Hosakote, Karnataka produces top quality neutral base lube stocks, with exceptional color and stability. Our base oils have passed the laboratory and engine tested required to meet all Industry Standards, and are utilized by well-respected major oil producers as well as other independent lubricant blenders.

To ensure safety throughout processing, technicians monitor the flow of oil at every step. If incoming feedstock is found to contain non-lubricant contaminants, such as highly chlorinated solvents, it is excluded from the processing stream and transported to other permitted hazardous waste facilities for proper disposal. More than 75% of the lubricating oil content of used lube oil is recycled as premium base stock. Base stocks are free from potentially hazardous contaminants, such as chlorine and harmful aromatics.

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