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CENTURY REFINERIES started in March' 1997 recycling of used hydraulic oils using vacuum distillation. We are authorized by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board since1998 for recycling of Used Oils. After a decade of service we have scaled up the plant to 20,000 Tons per annum. We have adopted the Thin Film Evaporation Technology to recycle Used and Waste Oils. We are authorized KSPCB and CPCB to reprocess Used and Waste Oils.
In the year 2002 we have initiated the disposal plan of Distillation Residue generated from recycling activity through Incineration. In the year 2003 we obtained all the statutory licenses and commissioned Incinerator in 2003. Complying with guidelines of CPCB, we have installed a rotary kiln hazardous waste Incinerator with control equipments. The incineration service is been extended to other industries generating incinerable waste. The ash generated from this process is being sent to TSDF (Transport Storage Disposal Facility) operated by M/s Ramky. Thus hazardous waste management loop is closed starting from procurement to the final disposal.

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